.I can’t believe I’m writing this. I’ve started to many times, but I think how much of a weirdo I must sound like. Then I saw a video on a porn site and watched other girls doing it too. The one video stuck with me as the girl looked like me, only older. I watched it over and over as it got me hot watching it. I wished it was me doing the hot flashing to a guy with a camera on a public bus. It never showed his face but I could tell by her looks she was turning this guy on. 

….Turning a guy on by flashing him was my obsession. Not a quick flash, but a sneaked peeking shot of my tits or better yet my pussy. 

This really all started with my dad. I got big tits early when I was young. I loved the attention I got when boys snuck a look at them. The first guy to really stare at them was my dad. I wanted more of my daddy attention. I would wait until no one was home but daddy and I and started unbuttoning the top buttons on my night gown. I walked up to him and leaned over to let him peek at my tits. His eyes lit up as he stared at them. He got this look that sent tingles to my pussy. He licked his lips as I wiggled my tits….. that’s when I noticed him getting a hardon. I had seen big stiff cocks watching porn, but this was my daddy and I had caused it to get hard. I kept it up as I wanted more of this thrill. I slowly lifted my long night gown up and up, showing the side of my leg. He just nodded his head in approval. I kept going….. I put my hand inside my panties and put it over my pussy. He kept nodding his head with that look of lust….I guess you would call it. I watched his hardon grow and now tent huge under his robe. I was loving this and I was starting to get wet in my pussy. His eyes were locked on my hand over my pussy as I started rubbing it. I let one finger slide down my slit and slowly inside my slit. I watched him take a big breath and put his hand over his erection.

…. He squeezed his hardon as I fingered myself. We were both extremely aroused and both checked the windows for anyone coming. I spread my legs, held up the front of my night gown so he got a shot of my finger going inside my pussy. I moved it in and out for him. He put one of his hands inside his robe and started to stroke his hardon. My eyes locked on the movements of him stroking himself. I felt an orgasm starting to build in my pussy….

 Someone was coming. He quick ran to the bathroom as I ran up stairs. I shut and locked my door. I quick continued to finger myself while picturing my daddy stroking his hardon. I shook and sighed….it was the best orgasm I had ever had ran thru my body….I tasted my finger…it was hot…I kept my finger in my mouth, closed my eyes and savored it….I loved it….

….I laid on my bed out of breath and still running my finger in and out of my mouth. I was hooked on doing that more…..

That was the only time daddy and got to do that. Mom and dad separated and divorced. I ended up living with my aunt. My aunt was cool and we discovered we both like to flash guys. She worked as a teacher in a special school for smart kids. She got me in and the fun began. 

We rode the train each morning to the special school. She showed me many things on how to find guys to flash. She always wore a lab coat, with nothing on underneath. She taught science and got me a lab coat too. She made me her assistant at school. I watched her on the train lean over a guy she liked and show him her big cleavage. She would then sit facing him in the seat across from him. She would lift one leg and let him peek at her pussy. She had me shave her public hair into a heart shape for them to look at. It made me hot just watching her turn these guys on. I did a few on my own and got hot results from guys looking at my way younger tits and pussy. 

One morning a guy got on the train who we both liked. We moved and both sat across from him. He had a video camera taking shots out the window. Aunt started unbuttoning her top buttons and flash one of her big tits at him. He smiled and stared at her. I joined her and felt one of my bare tits out of my lab coat. Now he had two of us to watch. I pointed to his camera and quick showed him both my full tits, and held my coat open for him to tape my tits. He was only to glad to do it. We both flashed our tits at him and let him peek at our pussy’s. 

I thought about that video of the girl on the bus showing her tits and pussy. I wanted the same thrill she and the guy taping her got. At the end of that video she went to a back empty seat. She turned sideways and next you see her pulling the guys hand in to feel her wet pussy. He leaned down an kissed her tits as she felt his hardon. I wished each time I watched it…. that I was her.

The guy we were both giving the peek show to was so cute and sexy I got an idea. I went in the restroom and motioned for him to come in too, He was only to glad to come in….I open my blouse up and let him feel my tits real good….he couldn’t believe I let and wanted him to. We only had a few minutes….he reached for my pussy….I spread my legs and in his finger went….. He hugged my neck, then…..ohhhh…their was a fat stiff finger….I grabbed his hips and it felt so good. With minutes to go we clutched each other tight…I felt the squirt of him deep in my pussy….he moaned….I lost my breath…he kissed me…his stiff finger slipped out….he pulled my dress down….we nether one said a word….the ride was over.

The next morning their he was, we entered the rest room, he closed the door….he took his camera and shot my pussy with his finger in it….I got on my knees and sucked his cock till he grabbed my head….he filled my mouth with cum….ohhhhh…this was the best..

That night we watched the tape over and over, you see he works for the school….and he just loves to receive a ’flash’…..and I still like to give one…


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